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SINOCAM  Quality Management

SINOCAM emphasizes quality management on product start, it is from supply chain and product research & development.
SINOCAM Quality Management 14 Rules
Following 14 rules is the base of SINOCAM quality management.

Continually improve product and service quality, we’re pursuing rank top  in the market and  as a good competitor.
      We’re trying to provide more job opportunity.
  ·Adopting new quality control method. i.e TQC/TQM,TQCS.
  ·Not reply on testing for good product, but control the quality in process, try to avoid testing for mass lots and find the quality issue from the beginning.
  ·Stop defines quality per price, we’ll calculate minimum cost. Focus on one supplier for one kind of material, and work with supplier for long partnership.
  ·Continue enhance production & service system to improve quality, productivity and lower the cost.
On-site training.
  ·Establish management system and performance assessment. Management role and responsibility is to make sure worker, machine and tools align with high efficiency.
Encourage everyone no fear and efficiency.
  ·Team work. R&D, sales and production work as a team, find product or service quality issue in process.
  ·Abolish slogan. Slogan can’t solve the problem since the root cause is system issue. Remove target output in workshop, we’re make use of management function to improve productivity.
  ·Focus on quality instead quantity. Encourage time-worker recognize the quality.
  ·Remove obstacle. Management and professional staff will be proud of their work.
  ·Continue education and self-improvement plan.
  ·Change. Change is an absolutely critical part of business, everyone will try efforts to achieve the  change.

SINOCAM Quality Management - PDCA


PDCA  - Plan, Do, Check and Act.

·Phrase I, P-Plan We’ll collect customer requirement, optimized improving plan, organize team to confirm key facts and set goal.
·Phrase II, D- Do Do and planning control, keep monitor and adjust.
·Phrase III, C- Check Check result and find variance to target, find out the root cause of variance.
·Phrase IV, A- Act   Summarize and systemize. Work out failure reason or variance of expectation and target as a new PDCA cycle.
SINOCAM Quality Management  Paroto
SINOCAM use Paroto to analysis quality control in process.



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